international women's day 2011

International Women’s Day Exeter

Posted on: 27 January 2011

We are now finalising our plans for the International Women’s Day Events – We will be in the Exeter Phoenix Black Box from 11am onwards on Tuesday March 8th.

Some of the art-work you may like to get involved with will be A Homage to Fran Jenkin, who worked with us on IWD for 5 years. Come along and make some ‘Peace knots for Fran’

Catherine Cartwirght will be providing a chance to print post cards to send to parliament to support Women with no recourse to public funding. We would love it if you could be a part of our day. We will let you know what else is planned next week- Peace and Love IWAs

The Tree of Life from the United Love Project , was created with finger knitted knots. With each stitch we sent out love to the women of the world.

Fran Jenkin was part of this work, which addressed ‘Integration in to the Art Gallery’ by women from many cultures in the Exeter Phoenix Galleries for the start of our work together on the International Women’s Day events in Exeter. Please see for more details on the project


red women's symbold with continents superimposed repeatd 5 times

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