international women's day 2011


Posted on: 30 January 2011

11th March 2011 from 19:00 – 22:00

Womem’s Networking Hub will be having a bit of a do to raise funds for Oxfam.

Oxfam’s We Can campaign has already had an impact in other South Asian countries, and we know we can do the same in Pakistan.

Studies show that 80% of women in Pakistan are victims of domestic violence and one in every three women are subjected to some form of violence. It is sadly no surprise then that domestic violence is the single biggest cause of de…ath and injury in women worldwide.

Men and women known as changemakers will fight together for a change in the attitudes of local authorities, schools and within families. Helping to promote women’s rights at a local level, girls will learn that they do not need to accept and put up with violence and abuse that has become a part of everyday life for so many women in their society, and boys will learn that women are not second class citizens who can be beaten at will.

By having a bit of a do you will help women to celebrate a life without fear of violence.

Venue TBC

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