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SWISHING BIRMINGHAM WOMEN – Celebrating International Women’s Day in Style…

Posted on: 30 January 2011

11th March 2011 from 19:00 – 22:00

The art of Swishing involves getting your friends together to swap gorgeous clothes and party at the same time. Every woman must bring at least one good quality, clean item of clothing, or an accessory, that she’d feel proud to hand on.

(Large sacks of designer frocks, saris, shalwar kameez, hijabs, are also gratefully received. And people who bring along anyone else with a bulging …wardrobe.)

“Save money, save the planet, have a party & network: swishing effortlessly touches all of these buttons. Swishing parties are for all those women who want to combine style, environmental protection and frugality.”

Rules of the rail:
1) Everyone must bring at least one item of quality clothing.
2) You will have half an hour to browse before the swish opens.
3) No item may be claimed before the swish opens.
4) As soon as the swish is declared open, everyone may take what they want.
5) Remember no scratching, spitting or fighting.
6) £5 entry on the door

* Venue TBC
* For further details please email!/event.php?eid=189286251098410

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