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SERTUC International Women’s Day day of action against the cuts Tuesday 8 March

Posted on: 1 February 2011

The SERTUC Executive Committee is calling for your active support for street level action in every community on or around International Women’s Day Tuesday 8 March.

The challenge is to counter the government’s lies that their actions to reduce the deficit are fair. They are not fair and women will count the cost.

    * Women are 65% of the public sector workforce and 68% or the local authority workforce. So the majority of jobs going in the public sector will be women’s jobs, and the two-year pay freeze will affect them too
    * Women are more likely to be carers than men – cuts in funding to local authorities will lead to cuts to support for carers that will make women’s lives as carers more difficult
    * The three year freeze in child benefit will no doubt teach the baby bankers a lesson?
    * Women are already more likely to face pensioner poverty than men – the cuts in care and support services will make older women’s lives harder

What can you do?

The invitation is to all affiliates, trade union branches and trades councils: make your voice heard locally on or around International Women’s Day on 8 March

International Women’s Day was not a gift – it was fought for by working women – read the attached outline for inspiration!

Can you organise a street meeting, workplace activity, a street stall, a demonstration, a media-worthy stunt, community leafleting, press release, meeting with your local women Councillors or local celebrities, joining up with local women’s groups – or any kind of event that will attract people to talk to you, that will attract local media coverage, and that will ensure that our neighbours understand that cuts are not the answer, they are not “fair” – and, we can make a difference.

In the meantime, please let me know what you’re doing and where so we can map the activity across the Region

Don’t forget to post your activity on

Please also see TUC’s excellent Cuts Briefing “The Gender Impact of the Cuts” – downlaod pdf file from

As well as The Origins of International Women’s Day by Mary Davis

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