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Walking the Stories – A Mentoring and Story-telling Event to Celebrate 100 Years of International Women’s Day

Posted on: 1 February 2011

On Sunday March 6th, to celebrate the centenary of International Women’s Day, a unique event will be taking place hosted by North West Women’s Ambassador Lisa Rossetti. Up to 100 women will meet to share their stories while walking in the beautiful and historic Chester River Meadows.

Walking the Stories is inspired by the women of Ghana and their mentoring walks. As Lisa explains: “Walking and learning is a traditional practice in many cultures. Since time immemorial and across the world, women share conversations and stories as they walk together – to fields and farms, to the well, or to the market-place.”

Now Power of Stories coach Lisa is bringing Walking the Stories to women in the North West. During the walk, professional coach-mentors will offer free mentoring. And, afterwards, Lisa – with story-practitioner Lizzie Gates – will facilitate a story-telling event to honour ‘Women’s hope, courage and resilience through the centuries’.

The 1pm meeting point is to be announced and the post-walk story event venue will be Riverside, Castle Drive, Chester, CH1 1SG. Participants will pay £20 (£10 for the unemployed).

Profits will go to Rights & Humanity – an international organisation (recently relocated to Liverpool) helping poor and disadvantaged women and their families.

Participants and coaches, mentors and events’ organisers wishing to be involved with Walking the Stories should contact Lisa at or telephone her on 01244 678850.

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