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International Women’s Day 2011 – Campaign with PCS against the disproportionate effect of cuts on women now!

Posted on: 10 February 2011

The 100th International Women’s Day on 8 March is in the same month as the announcement of the most pivotal and devastating budget for decades, on 23 March.

In order to honour IWD and take advantage of this coincidence, we want to mobilise our members, female and male, to do something meaningful.

Campaign toolkit and poster

The coalition government cuts are already beginning to take effect in many areas, but the full devastation will only be felt when further services are cut and the estimated 500,000 public sector job losses are made. Before this happens, and as part of our national campaign, we would like members, female and male, to take part in our International Women’s Day campaign, which is all about making sure MPs understand and speak against the disproportionate effect of cuts on women.

The timing for the campaign is perfect as IWD is on 8 March and the Chancellor, George Osborne MP, will be giving his Budget speech in the House of Commons on 23 March. We want to take advantage of these events in March by asking members to raise the issue of the effect of cuts on women both in the local press and with the local MP.

You can download a campaign toolkit explaining how you can get involved by meeting with your MP and getting them to take action to raise the issue in parliament.

Dont worry if you have never met with your MP before or are uncertain of all the issues, the toolkit has been written as a step by step guide on everything from making the appointment to see the MP, to what issues to raise.

Also there is a poster for workplaces that gives people this web address so they can take action.

Please, read the toolkit now and make arrangements to see your MP in early to mid March and join us in commemorating the 100th IWD.

* PCS International Women’s Day campaign pack
* PCS International Women’s Day poster


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