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Supporting International Women’s Day – RFL North West

Posted on: 28 February 2011

Each year around the world, International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated on the 8 March.

Many events take place not just on this day but throughout March to celebrate the economic, political and social achievements of women.

The RFL’s North West regional development team is running a number of female based activities throughout the year and will see a jam packed week of female Rugby League specific activity take place from 5 March until 12 March.

Rugby League activity will feature across the North West region featuring contact Rugby League Festivals, Touch Rugby League tasters sessions for teachers, Tag Rugby League try it sessions and one of the biggest school competitions in the UK, the Carnegie Champion Schools competition starting with the regional preliminary stages of this year’s competition.

Dan Parkinson, RFL North West Regional Development officer commented on the big push taking place on female activity.

“Female Rugby League is being delivered all across the North West region. We are trying to grow the amount of female participants that take part in Rugby League through playing, coaching, volunteering and officiating and we are doing this by offering many different variations of the sport. We have contact Rugby League through the Champion Schools competition, community club festivals, Women’s RLC and educational contact series for Further education and higher education students. For participants new to the sport we have Touch and Tag Rugby League being delivered from primary school participants up to secondary school teachers and tutors. We really do feel we have an offer that is inclusive to all!”

North West Female Rugby League Activity

Saturday 5 March
RFL Girls Club Festival – Widnes Moorfield Angels, Halton 10am – 1pm

Monday 7 March
Hulme Grammar Girls Tag sessions – 11am – 3pm

Tuesday 8 March
RFL Girls Champion Schools Preliminary Festival (Y7 & Y9) – Wade Deacon High School, Halton 2pm – 4pm
Hulme Grammar Girls Teacher Tag sessions – 11am – 3pm

Wednesday 9 March
RFL North West Women’s FE/HE contact festival – Widnes Moorfield, 2pm – 4pm
RFL Cumbria Champion Schools Preliminary festival (Y7 & Y9) – St Benedict’s High School 1pm – 3pm
RFL Cumbria Women’s touch rugby league festival – Lakes College 1pm – 3pm

Thursday 10 March
RFL Girls Champion Schools Preliminary Festival (Y8 & Y10) – St Augustine’s High School, St Helens 2pm – 4pm

Friday 11 March
Cumbria Wheelchair taster sessions 10am – 4pm
Preston College touch rugby league taster sessions 10am – 4pm

Sunday 12 March
RFL Girls Club touch rugby league Festival – Oldham St Anne’s ARLFC 10am – 1pm

For more information on any of the competitions or events please contact

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