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Suffragettes, entrepreneurs, lone mothers, novels, and 1000 women’s voices – Glamorgan celebrates International Women’s Day online

Posted on: 7 March 2011

The University of Glamorgan has produced a series of short online lectures with some of its finest academics to celebrate International Women’s Day.

The academics have chosen a topic of their choice, to tie in with this year’s International Women’s Day theme of ‘Equal access to education, training and science and technology: Pathway to decent work for women’.

Christine Atkinson, who is Head of the University’s Women’s Entrepreneurship Hub, talks about differing motivations of women entrepreneurs and the way that they are measured against a male norm.

Claudia Corsetti discusses the barriers that lone working mothers face and how the public sphere invades the private sphere and ‘care’ becomes episodic.

Dr Timothy Jones, co-director of the University’s Centre for Gender Studies in Wales, discusses how the early suffragette movement was closely linked with religious movements and how white middle-class women can be accused of speaking for others.

Dr Diana Wallace discusses how the historical novel has allowed women access to history.

Dr Kathryn Ringwald launches the ’100 years, 100 days, 1000 voices’ project which asks women to talk about their experiences in Wales throughout the years.

To watch the online talks go to

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